.srt Subtitle Shifter

This script takes a .srt text (just open an .srt file with a text editor, select all and copy-paste the contents of it in here) and shifts the time backwards or forwards around by a given number of seconds. Useful for when you download a movie which has been cut a bit, for example the initial credits were cut or a logo was added in to the beginning and the subtitles are now out of sync with the movie. Be aware, it may take a while if the text is particularly, long depending on your PC. Just sit back and wait. After it's done, paste it back into your subtitle file.

For reference, this is an example of a .srt subtitle text:
00:00:41,964 --> 00:00:43,056

00:00:44,233 --> 00:00:45,962
This is a subtitle

Status: Ready

Amount to shift (seconds):
Backward: Forward: